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Visit The Best Urologist in Shalimar Bagh

Urology is a broad medical field that treats and diagnoses the conditions related to the male reproductive organ and urinary tract in both men and women. The treatments through medication and surgeries successfully control or eliminate the problems relating to the urinary tract.

Kidney Stone Laser Treatment in Shalimar Bagh

Females often visit the urologist in Shalimar Bagh due to various genitourinary tract conditions of the reproduction and urination including:

  • Pelvic prolapse – weaken pelvic muscles that allow the organs inside the pelvis to shift from their actual place. Childbirth, age, overweight, stress, and radiation treatment can be the factors that are responsible for the shift of the muscles.
  • Urethral diverticulum – under this condition the urethra swells and traps the urine which then causes urinary tract infections.
  • Cystocele – this problem occurs when the bladder falls into the vagina.
  • Vaginal bulge – the weakening muscles causes the swelling in the vaginal wall.
  • Urethral strictures – the condition occurs when the tube carrying urine from the bladder becomes narrower.
  • Urinary incontinence – the patient loses the urine control due to a variety of reasons such as the age, radiation treatment for cancer, and strains on pelvic muscles during the delivery of a child.
  • Vaginal mesh complications – the condition is when the vagina gets incontinence. The most common type of treatment that is recommended by the urologist is synthetic mesh implantation in the vaginal wall.

Urologist in Shalimar Bagh states that among all the above conditions, the most common conditions that are caused in a female are pelvic prolapse, urinary incontinence, and vaginal mesh complications. The conditions need to be diagnosed with the best treatment and techniques. Recently, the researchers had introduced the latest “robotic surgery” technique to treat the disorders relating to the female urogenital tracts.

Further, the urologist in Shalimar Bagh participates in various researchers that enhance their skills and provide a deep understanding of the female urinary tract conditions. They contribute in developing advanced techniques and treatments that will give clear and exact results. Such as measuring the bladder pressure with a wireless device to recommend the best treatment of urinary incontinence according to the current conditions.

Urologist in Punjabi Bagh Serving for Various Urological Issues

In the medical terminology, urology is a field of medicine that treats and diagnose the conditions and diseases related to male reproductive organs and urinary tract of both male and female. Urologist in Punjabi Bagh is specialized professionals those are proficient in detecting and diagnosing the conditions of the urinary tract. Conditions may include diseases in the urethra, bladder, kidneys, ureters, and adrenal glands.

Best Urologist in Punjabi Bagh

And the epididymis, prostate, penis, testes, and seminal vesicles specifically in men. The field of urology comprises a few different specialty areas:

  • Male infertility – corrects the conditions that are responsible for the male infertility
  • Female urology – this specialized area cures the pelvic outlet relaxation disorders and urinary incontinence in female
  • Calculi – removes the stones that are formed in the kidney and might move into the ureters
  • Pediatric urology – this medical specialty urologist in Punjabi Bagh treats the urological conditions and disease in the children
  • Neurology – the field offers the treatment for diseases including the erectile dysfunction and impotence, voiding disorders, and urodynamic evaluation of patients.
  • Urologic oncology – treats and diagnoses the cancer in the bladder and prostate
  • Renal transplantation – transplanting the kidneys due to the kidney failure.

Pediatric Urology:

Pediatric Urologist in Punjabi Bagh treats the urinary conditions in the children that even can be a bed-wetting problem. Despite this, there can be several other conditions that may require a visit to the urologist clinic or hospital.

“Vesicoureteral Reflux” or (VUR), where the urine flows back into the kidneys from the bladder that may result in urinary tract infections and kidney damage in the children.

“Undescended testicle” though the condition is not common and occurs only in 3 to 5% of the total male infants (on average). Often the infants are born with an ectopic testicle. In this condition, the testicles are present but not in the correct position.

“Hypospadias” this is birth defect condition where the meatus is located under the penis instead of being on the tip.

“Epispadias” the condition is considered as the birth defect in a child where the bladder and urethra are not formed normally and the pelvic bones don’t connect with together.

Urologist in Paschim Vihar Explains the Factors Responsible for Male Infertility

Urologist in Paschim Vihar identifies, diagnose, treat, and monitor the disorders that are related to the urinary tract in both men and women, and external genital organs including kidney, urethra, ureter, and prostate. Though some urologist covers all the areas of the urology whereas, some specialize in the particular field of urology such as female urology, pediatric urology, neurology, male infertility, urologic oncology, and renal transplantation.

Urologist in Paschim Vihar

Urology in male infertility:

Any condition in men that decrease the chances of making the female partner conceive a baby can be termed as male infertility. Urologist in Paschim Vihar explains that there can be various that may affect the male fertility such as the age, unbalanced lifestyle, consumption of alcohol or drugs, smoking, disorders with the male reproductive organs, injury, other diseases like diabetes and blood pressure, and even following an unhealthy diet chart. Despite the other several factors, male infertility is commonly caused due to the sperm disorders that include low sperm count, blocked sperm ducts, low sperm motility, and malformed sperm. Moreover, exposure to heat, chemicals, or medications for the long term can cause a temporary fall in the sperm production.

Urologist in Paschim Vihar recommends various tests to determine male infertility including urine analysis, semen analysis, and blood tests.

Urine analysis – an analysis of urine helps the urologist to determine the levels of protein, sugar, and testosterone. Imbalance of these components may indicate that a patient is suffering from the kidney disease, diabetes, or testosterone deficiency.

Semen analysis – this test is conducted to examine the sperm count and sperm movement in a male reproductive organ. If a fall in sperm count and sperm movement is determined, the urologist provides the best treatment to diagnose the condition.

Blood test – the test is performed by the urologist to know the count of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and hemoglobin.

Therefore, it is a misconception that infertile couples face the complexities to conceive a baby only because of female infertility. Rather, there are equal chances of one of the partner may have infertility disorders.

Best Urologist in Rohini – The Stone Clinic Education and training programs

Urology is the medical field is focused on diagnosing and treating the diseases related to the urinary tract and male reproductive tract.

Best urologist in rohini

The best urologist in Rohini diagnoses wide-ranging diseases of the urinary tract whereas the other urologists are specialized in the particular field of urology including:

  • “Female urology” treats the conditions relating to a woman’s reproductive and urinary tract
  • “Male infertility” diagnoses the problems that hinders in conceiving a baby with the partner
  • “Neurology” treats the conditions of urinary tract caused due to the nervous system
  • “Pediatric urology” focuses on the early conditions if urinary in the children
  • “Urologic oncology” diagnoses the cancers of the urinary system including the kidneys, bladder, testicles, and prostate.

Education and training programs:

The best urologist in Rohini has not achieved the success overnight but has gone through a tough education program. They first earned a degree after passing four years from a medical field, and then completed four years of medical school. After that they go for 4 to 5 years of residency medical training at a hospital. During the training session, they work along with the experienced urologist and acquire the surgical skills. Some urologist also decides the undergoing a 1 or 2 years of additional training that is called as a fellowship program, in which the trainee enhance the skills for the specialized field of urology. After the completion of the training session, the urologists need to pass the specialty certification exam conducted by the American Board of Urology.

Surgeries learned and performed by the best urologist in Rohini:

  • Biopsies of the kidneys, bladder, or prostate
  • A cystectomy surgery that removes the bladder to diagnose the cancer
  • Extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy which breaks the kidney stones so that the stones can be removed easily
  • Surgery to open the blockage
  • Repairing the damage in the urinary tract caused due to the injury
  • A surgery for transurethral needle ablation of the prostate to remove the excess tissues from an enlarged prostate
  • A vasectomy treatment to avoid pregnancy, which encompasses cutting and tying the vas deferens, or the tube sperm travel through for creating the semen.

Best Urologist in Pitampura Mentions the Fact Related to Infertility

Urologists are doctors who diagnose and treat the urinary tract in both men and women. The urinary tract is the system that produces, store, and eliminate urine from the body. Any disease or disorder related to urinary tract is diagnosed by the best urologist in Pitampura.

Best Urologist in Pitampura

  • “Kidneys” filter the blood to produce the urine
  • “Ureters” are tubes through which the urine streams down from the kidney to the bladder
  • “Bladder” is hollow pouch in which the urine is stored
  • “Urethra” is a tube through which the urine is eliminated from the body
  • “Adrenal glands” are located on the top of the kidneys and the glands are responsible for releasing the hormones.

For most of the men, visiting a urologist can be embarrassing because they want to accept their infertility disorders or any disease relating to their urinary tract as the acceptance may hurt their male ego. For most of the times, women are blamed directly if the couple doesn’t conceive even after years of efforts. But the best urologist in Pitampura clarifies that around 20% of the infertile couples, the problem is with the man’s fertility and not with the woman’s reproductive system. Though, it be might be hard for a man to accept the fact, going for the early infertility test may narrow down the further problems and medical expenses. Getting it diagnosed also treats the discomfort of the other partner.

The best urologist in Pitampura examines the patient first by recommending a few tests such as physical examination and the semen analysis.

Physical examination – the examination includes the determining concerns relating to the heart, lung, respiration rate (12 to 16 breaths per minute is normal), body temperature (98.6 f. is normal), general appearance, and any family history of disease or disorder.

Semen analysis – semen analysis is recommended by the doctors to identify the quality and quantity of the sperms in the semen. If the first test report of the semen analysis is normal, the doctors recommend one more test just confirm the results. The semen analysis may detect the Azoospermia, Oligospermia, sperm motility, and sperm morphology.